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Goal: The Internet minus Insecurity.

Unfortunately, the Internet has rapidly become an insecure and hazardous place for the unprepared and the unprotected. Pests and malware of all sorts attack from all sides. There are exploits, hijacks, worms, bots, viruses, Trojan horses, droppers, dialers, keyloggers, spam, phishing, pharming, spoofing, spyware, adware, hackers, crackers, identity thieves, privacy thieves, and other dastardly junk and miscreants all over the place.  A lot of creeps think your computer, your personal information and your surfing habits belong to them.

The bad news: Even if you never put any personal information on your computer, never buy anything online, never open an email attachment, you are at risk. All one has to do is connect to the Internet. Simply put, if your computer is connected to the Internet, then your security is at risk. If your computer is infected with spyware and viruses and other malware, then your privacy and security is compromised.

The good news: If recommended security practices are followed, your risk is greatly reduced and the Internet can be used for the tremendous resource that it is.

Frankly, in the conduct of our research, we have been surprised by the extent of insecurity on the Internet. It is not a friendly place. Almost many computers we have checked have had significant infestations of malware. And whats even scarier is that the owners generally had no idea. Some were pretty experienced, savvy computers users who thought they were in pretty good shape, but they were not.

If you are not concerned, you should be.  But on the other hand, if you think the Internet is a hopelessly dangerous, diabolical place, you’re wrong.

Our message is that with a little understanding of the problem, and the proper precautions, the insecurity of connecting to the Internet can be greatly reduced.  Our goal is to help the average everyday PC user connect to the Internet in a safe and productive manner.

Check out our page Minimum Safe PC for more information.  And stay tuned to this website for ongoing security information and resources.

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This site is owned and operated by Randall Rice of Seattle Washington.  Randall has been a researcher in the field of Internet security for some years, a computer enthusiast since the early 1970’s, and operates a computer repair and technical support business.

Updated 11/11/2011